Pathfinder Endeavours Ltd. is actively engaged in the industrial vegetation management (IVM) field and offers a comprehensive set of services.  Pathfinder has an extensive and long-standing noxious weed program that has been active across British Columbia and Alberta. Our company has developed and performed vegetation management plans for numerous clients, and operates in accordance under the British Columbia Weed Act.

Services offered include initial population surveys, the development of treatment plans, treatment by mechanical and chemical means, and final program assessment. Pathfinder offers trained personnel and equipment to control vegetation and reduce fire hazard in many industrial settings such as utility facilities, power line rights-of-way, and development areas.

Rinse Stations

Pathfinder has developed a line of rinse stations that can be used in varied settings to mitigate the risk of weed introduction and transfer between work sites. By removing any soil or vegetative debris from vehicles coming on and off work sites, the probability for the contamination can be mitigated. Depending on the nature of the work to be performed at a site, a specific rinse station can be provided.

Our company has a selection of rinse stations that have been developed for any work site or activity type.  The rinse stations can be delivered and installed at the required location, and all maintenance is performed by Pathfinder staff for continued efficiency.